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McClain's Takeover A Huge Success!
Author: Sean Carty
Thanks to all parents, players, coaches and community members for helping out at the McClain's Takeover fundraiser.  A special THANKS to Matt, Mi-mi, and the entire McClain's Pizzeria organization for making the event possible and for being so g
Mom's Football 101 breakfast August 30th 8-9am
Author: Sean Carty
Mom's Football 101 breakfast August 30th 8-9am Open to all freshman to varsity players moms, grandmas, sisters -- any females who want to come learn the basics of our football program. Tonya Carty will discuss our offense and defense as well
Parent Meeting Notes
Author: Sean Carty
If you were unable to attend the meeting - discussion notes are here - thanks 1.       Parent Organizers / Booster Club–Having the leadershipof a few moms and dads along with the participation of all has always been
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